Granite Countertops

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 Granite Counter Tops

Granite has come down in price dramatically over the last few years.  There are 5 levels of residential three cm granite- level 1 being the least expensive.   There are cheaper commercial grade slabs that have more pits and fissures that is passed as residential quality granite- make sure you get the residential grade granite in your home.  Level one granite costs about a third less than other solid surface options.  It is very important to ask the right questions to your fabricator and granite installer.

Can you pick your own slab? There is a lot of variation in a natural product like granite and you want to make sure you pick the slab you want.

Where and how many seams will there be in the kitchen?  You want to sit with your granite fabricator and make sure the flow is going the same way throughout the kitchen and the seams are an important factor in that determination.

Does your fabricator reinforce by the sink and seams with steel rebarb to ensure the granite will not break as your house settles?  The homes in the Raleigh area settle quite a bit between seasons and your house will actually move, you want to make sure your granite does not break at weak points.

How do they join the seam?  It is very important to see an example of the seam your fabricator and installer will be placing in your new kitchen

There are many more subtle install and fabricator details to look for- please call to set an appointment to discuss these in more depth.  We look forward to helping create your new beautiful kitchen!