Measure Your Cabinets

1. Draw a sketch of your kitchen space, large enough to fit your notes and measurements.
2. Start your measurements from the corner and measure along the base of the wall until you reach a door or window.
3. Measure the width of all doors and windows from outside of trim to outside of trim.
When you measure your windows, also include:
– Distance from the bottom of sill to the floor.
– Height of window, include trim.
– Distance from top of window to ceiling or soffit.
When measuring doors, also include:
– Height of door, including trim.
– Distance from top of door to ceiling or soffit.
– The direction the door swings.
4. Measure around the room until you get back to the point you started.
5. Measure from floor to ceiling or soffit.
6. Measure across the wall to the center of your sink plumbing.
7. Measure the location of all electrical outlets, air vents, water lines & gas lines.
8. Measure all appliances (width x height x depth).

Kitchen Painting in RaleighUse a steel tape measure for accuracy.
Record your measurements in inches.
Double-check each measurement.

Measure Your Window and Doors